Turbulent Sea in the Safe Harbor. Is there a lifeboat for EU data?

There has been fervent debate since the 6 October 2015 decision of the European Court of Justice to the effect that the Safe Harbor regime no longer provides adequate privacy safeguards for companies transferring data from the EU to the…
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Culling Data in the Dark? Why is ECA a lost art?

Why have so many people stopped doing Early Case Assessment properly – before the data is processed into a load file for a review platform? Why don’t more litigators analyze their proposed search terms deeply and iteratively, testing them in…
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eDiscovery in the Cloud – why are corporations more receptive than law firms?

This is a bit of a puzzle. Please help us to work it out. We have, for over 12 years, licensed our end-to-end litigation and investigation software as an On Premises solution. It’s a simple licensing model. A fixed annual…
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